WTB 30ish - 30q cells

Anyone have 30ish - 30q cells left over from a build? Or in a battery that is not in use?

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I will check and see if i have some to spare. Nothing i stock is older than 3 months.

No promises, but if i have 30 from a matching vendor i will let you know.

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I looked and i only have 18 cells from imrbatteries and 4 from ru.nkon.nl

Sorry i couldn’t help

Brian that is a work of genius that handle man.

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Il take those! What’s the difference in the cells? Can I put them into the same battery pack?

Thats the problem, they are from different batches so they will be different in age, how they were stored, and several other things.

Its not worth risking mixing them.

If you want them cheaper, ask a builder when he is doing a bulk purchase and see if they will purchase a few for you

Ahh! Well I in that case already have a problem. I have 42 cells neatly tucked away into 6p nese groups. And I need 30 more cells for my 12s6p so either way I will be mixing at least 2 batches. How bad is this?

did your battery explosion debacle get sorted on the other forums?

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There was no “battery explosion debacle” you are trying to stir things up. Stop.

Last I heard one of your batteries was made improperly and you ghosted the other forum when mods asked about it… Just want to make sure none of that happens again here to unsuspecting users…

If that has been fixed, please link the fixed thread. (I might have missed it)

I almost bought a battery from you so that totally could’ve been me


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