WTB - 325mm 5M 12mm wide belts

Long shot but anyone has a few of these belts to sell me? I really can’t find a source that has good shipping costs and time in Canada.

Just trying to find the ideal belt size for my builds.


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bump bc im looking too ;-;

This is where I buy my belts from - cheap and fast-ish shipping.

Just buy more than 2 because shipping is at least $7 so make it worth your while.

Shipping is $13 and it will arrive by Sep 13th. Or $35+ and it will arrive in 7 days. Not too bad.

EDIT: Nevermind shipping is $114


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WHAT? damn must be because your in Canada - that’s crazy man

just picked up 4 for 20 :smiley: thanks man!

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Yeah, they force that as the only shipping method

@gmurad if youd like I can order them for you and send them up?

I dont really know how ‘cross country’ shipping works

Thank you for the offer @anon64938381. I took a look at USPS and I think shipping would be $25USD. I Should probably order from Alibaba and wait a month.

Cheers, Gihad

if a 330 would fit your stuff ive got one laying around, its on me :smiley:

Thanks again @anon64938381! Generous of you but I have some 330s and they are a bit loose, that’s why wanted to try the 325! I also have 320 and they are too tight :smiley:

No worries, sounds like 325 is gonna be the sweet spot :smiley: