WTB 40T Flywheel pulleys for 9mm belts

Looking for flywheel pulley adapters for my build, will be matched with a MES 9mm motor pulley

I have a couple extra 40T and 36T Wheel pulleys for 9mm belt. Where are you located?

New York City

I have all sizes available as well. They are 12mm wide, but 9mm belts can be run on them as well.


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Cost for 40T?

looks to be $33

does anyone make 15mm pulleys? i want to run superflys for the smoothness but i don’t really want to go much more than 30mph. At 12s with 190kv i’d need the 44t at least

I’m going to have a pre order for them (15mm variants) soon. I’m thinking 10% off if you pre order and delivery would be mid February.

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yeah i can definitely wait that long. dm me when you set it up because i’ll hop in line to buy!