WTB 5S 5000mah Lipo

Hi guys,

I’m looking for 2x 5S 5000mah Lipos for a 10S build (or 5x 2S Lipos).

Anyone got any for sale? I’m located in Bay Area.

Hmmm I have two but I’m sadly a very long way away from you (New Zealand). Sadly for you anyway :slight_smile:

Oh, too bad, but thanks for the reply!

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Ayy bro try this

Thanks, brutha. But I heard 20C is bad. Is 20C okay?

Yes higher the better, I believe they have some that can go up to 50C.I really meant try their website. I just googled 5s 5000mah Turnigy copied link and pasted it here. Also Turnigy is a reliable lipo pack from what I’ve seen here on the forum

Gotcha, thanks!

steal! cant blow your stuff up and super high discharge ability.

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There are two 5S packs here https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/garage-sale-clearing-out-used-parts-esc-remotes-complete-skateboard/54626

Whoa. These look awesome, but I’m not sure how I would set these up.

If I wanted a 10S would I run 10 of these in series at 8AH?

They are in different countries :slight_smile:

With no country on the profile, I don’t feel bad for not knowing that. I’m going to stop answering folks if they don’t fill out their country.

It should be a requirement, I agree

these have a slightly lower voltage so maybe run 12. e

@electrickiwi @kfred If you fill out your profile, it can help other people help you. I don’t know if you’re in Europe, USA, or Antarctica.

Screenshot from 2018-05-18 14:10:40 Screenshot from 2018-05-18 14:10:25

im also in the bay area and probably have some you could get. some 3s packs. 12s

Sorry for the confusion. I have filled out m profile.

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Cool, I’m in San Francisco. I have purchased all of the parts except battery for my build. I am looking to use a 10S battery.

Deck: Short board (10" x 33" dual kick) Motor: Dual belt N5055 (270kv) ESC: dual ESC BMA: 60A BMS Enclosure: DIY ikea (for now) Battery: 10S (thinking of Lipo)

I just saw this video about these packs:

I’m not sure how I would connect the batteries, though? Would I solder them or would they require a spot welder?

I don’t have a spot welder but I am comfortable soldering–I’ve recently completed a DIY COB LED build (non-esk8) for a lighting project, which I designed and soldered in series.

you could do a couple different methods. even heard of people crimping them. maybe aluminum solder be easier than regular solder. never hear of people spot welding these tabs

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