Wtb 6354 190-200kv motor

Looking for motor 63xx preferably no bigger than 6355. 190-200 kv.

Seems like you need to do a bit more reading, but here are a couple good options:


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I use the build kit board ones and there great also if you use promo code m.hboards at build kit board’s checkout you get $5 off.

I think hobbyking also has a 6354 motor that is around 190

Thanks brother. I had posted hoping to fined something lightly used at a reduced cost. Thanks for the links though, kit boards is a site I hadn’t visited befoe

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Ya I use bkb motors on most of my builds as they are the best 6355 on the market in my opinion

Someone is selling one right now

yup waiting on a second reply from him as we speak tyvm

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Mine are still for sale but i live in EU. Asking 80usd for both: