WTB, 6374 motor, 2 remotes, vescs

Hey. I need a 6374 motor unsensored works as well. 2 remotes, nano v2, nano X, benchwheel. 2 vescs

I have 6374 motors in stock: https://street-wing.com/product/6374-190-kv-motor/

FOCBOXES (VESC) in stock: https://street-wing.com/product/enertion-focbox-vesc-x/

Nano remotes in stock: https://street-wing.com/product/mini-remote/

alright, since the £ dropt so much over the years this is actually instresting at first glance. :slight_smile:

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I know right! The pound has taken a really hammering lately,

thank u brexit

it was $2 to £1 when I visited…

So duetue conversion from swissfrancs as well to £ your are cheaper than a small bulk order for a focbox, weird man :slight_smile:

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Last qeustion sorry :slight_smile:

your Nano v2 shows v1, guess it truely is the v2 right ? :slight_smile:

no worries - ask as many questions as you like, always happy to help :slight_smile:

It’s a Winning W2 remote as pictured

this is the winning v2 ,your site shows the original tho? interested in the motor and remote but looks not to be the new one? what weight is the 6374 190kv motor?

the weight of the 6374 192 kV motor is 886g.

You are right, I have the Winning W2 on sale not the Winning V2 - thanks for letting me know, I have updated the site.

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I have

6374 170KV 52us/pc nano W2 30US/pc VESC I only have maytech…