WTB 6374 motor, motor mount for caliber truck, vesc

PayPal ready I am in the USA thanks in advance

I have a 6374 available for pre order. $73 and available here: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/

Oh nice! I’m about 225-230lbs would that be sufficient for me with a mini set up TB v4 mount? Also what battery would I need 8s?

I think it would be fine! Especially with a lower gear ratio. You can use up to a 12s battery but 10s is recommended.

Is there anywhere else you could recommend for motor mount and gears kit? USA based preferred

I know @torqueboards sells them. They are a little pricey, but worth it for the quality. He also sells pulleys / belts. I don’t really know anyone else in the US selling them.

Ya, Torqueboards is your best bet in the US. They are good about getting your order out quickly as well. I’m using TB’s V4 mounts on my build. They are solid and good design. Easy to adjust belt tension without affecting bracket angle and they work with a variety of belt lengths and gear sizes.

Thanks JLab just bought your last 6374 off your site is it shipping soon? Would like to get the board running before the snow fly’s.

I have one from the last group buy. Only difference is the silicone wires. I also put 2 flat spots on it for the pulleys. If you want the one with silicone wires your going to have to wait a bit. Either way key me know.

Well I just purchased it from your site…

I said they were for pre order. It also says it on the website.

Bump…still need mount for 63mm and VESC

@JLabs What does the ETA on the product page for the 6354/6374 mean? Is that for when the package arrives or when the you’re able to restock?

If you are going single drive you should get at least 12mm drive 15mm preferred if you can find it. I broke a bunch of 9mm belts before switching.

I’d prefer to wait on the silicone set but what would be the wait time would be waiting as apposed to taking the last old model?

The one from the last group buy can ship very soon. The silicone wires should be 2-2.5 weeks.

Bump still looking for pulley’s , mount, vesc. Waiting for JLab to ship the motor