WTB 6s charger in US

Hello all. I am having a hell of a time hunting down a 6s charger brick for liion. They are all from China and won’t be here for over a month.

Anyone have one in the states they are willing to part with so I can finish this battery sooner?

What about a hobby balance charger?

Working on it. I have an IMAX, graciously given by @mmaner. But I dont have a 12v 5 amp input to turn it on.

***But I built the pack with a BMS, graciously given by @Deckoz . Trying to confirm if I can use the IMAX in some mode that doesn’t require to use the JST balance leads.

I already made an output adaptor to plug it into my 5.5x2.1mm charge port.

Just need to confirm if it will work without using those jst balance leads, as mine are already soldered to the BMS for discharge bypass setup…

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Can anyone confirm if I could use an IMAX B6 in this capacity if I go ahead an order or hint down a 12v 5amp input for the IMAX?

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You should be able to use the charger in charge only, not balance charge. It should cut off once it reaches 25.2v… and because your charging through the bms, it will cutoff as well when it’s charged.

Anyway. Have you considered cutting the plug off your current power brick, and replacing it with one that plugs into the imax b6?

For sure, it reads 16.4volts which is in range for the imax input, but I felt a little weird plugging in that power source since it is a 6s charger and should be at 25.2vs.

Do you have pictures of the label?

So you can charge it with that. It boosts the output. But at a lower amp rate. Cause Max Watts doesn’t change. So liion charge 6s. NOT balance charge. No jst lead required

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Thats just a sticker. The one that looks like a manufacturer label is worn badly and I cant read it

It says 16v DC on the manufacturer label… the other label is bogus… I’d use it with the imax and just replace the tip…your getting the right voltage out of it…

I can’t even read that shit. You eagle eyed bastard.

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Lol it says. I’d just replace the lead and plug it upto the imax…your getting the right voltage out of it :slight_smile:

“OUT 16.0V === 4A”

BTW likely I wouldn’t be able to read it either… but cameras catch shit our eyes can’t see…