WTB - 7 pin JST-PH cable for HM-10 bluetooth module (AU)

Hey guys,

I’ve got a HM-10 module that I need to connect to my Focbox.

I have tried to use a set of cables from Jaycar but the connectors stick out too much on the Focbox side and are a bit loose.

If anyone has a spare I will pay the earth moneys for it.

LOL, you’re going to love this. I’ve got a 5,6, or 8 pin. VESC6 doesn’t have a 7 pin connection so I never ordered those.

Anyone know if the above could be made to work?

China eBay options will take 4-5 weeks, but you’ll have heaps spare to give away to fellow forumers who find themselves in a similar situation.

I’m going away with work for a while in mid April and was hoping to get one before then so I can have a working board by then (If everything else rocks up by then).

So China delivery will be a last resort.

I use 5 pin with all of mine, just leave 1 pin free on each side of the vesc port.

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@JasperM happy to chuck a 5 pin in the mail tomorrow if you’re willing to give it a go? Not after any cash for this, so you’ve not got much to loose either way. Just PM your address.

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6 pin will work too, it’ll just be asymmetrical

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That won’t work if you have ocd

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You could just solder it on I guess

hence the reason i use 5 pin :rofl:


Thanks @lock, the 5 pin JST cable works perfectly and even though the little doo-dads don’t lock in itis still very snug.