WTB: 83mm 75A Flywheels

As the title says, I’d like some 83 mm 75A ABEC11 Flywheels (not clones). Happy to buy or trade for 90mm 78A Flywheels.

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Do you have any interest in genuine 76mm 75a?

Thanks, but I want 83s.

I have some - where are you based?

I am in San Francisco. How much would you like for your wheels?

Too far to post - I’m in Australia.

hey man do you still have these?

I do, but they’re in use.

I have normal kind of 83mm fly wheels, color comes with red, blue, orange.

20us +12us ship by economy shipping.

Hey can You send them to Poland?

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Yes, can ship to Poland by USPS or DHL

Would these work? I’m guessing not because of the core but I thought I would ask

And what will be a price with shipping?

to poland by USPS 12us, by DHL 18US

So how can I buy those orange ones? :slight_smile:

paypal would be fine

Ok we can make a deal:)