WTB : 83mm 75a genuine flywheels [CANADA]

I’m looking at buying some 83mm flywheels as the titles says. Before I go ahead and purchase some I wanted to ask if someone here might have a slightly used or brand new set they would want to get rid of. If so make your offers.

Just a side note I am from Quebec Canada so highest price with shipping I’m willing to pay is 75USD because one of my local skate shop actually has some in stock for around that price.

Great day to you all!

I would recommend just buying from the skate shop. You probably won’t get any cheaper with shipping + 75a 83mm are extremely hard to come by. (At least last I heard)

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Yeah they are quite rare, I’ll wait a couple days still just to be sure.



here you go mate and looks like they ship to canada too

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

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Are you in Montreal? I have 83mm 75a co-branded Metroboard/ABEC11s.

They are used but you can try and see if you want to keep them.

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I’m from Sherbrooke city, I’ll pm you