WTB 83mm Flywheel pulleys

WTB 83mm Flywheel pulleys

Where you from?

How many teeth? How wide?

based in NYC. Looking for 40T preferably, 9mm wide.


40T won’t fit on 83mm without being super close to the ground. I’d go for 36T on 83mm…

But buildkitboards sells several pulleys

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40T fits well on 90mm, that’s what I’m using now. 36T fits well on 83mm I have extra 36T 9mm Flywheel pulleys and 9mm 265 belts too! I have 2 Torqueboard Aluminum pulley(Used) and a bunch of printed pulleys(Unused).

Here is a video with the printed pulleys:

I actually liked the printed pulleys better.


@Deckoz thanks for the shout! I have them available here is all different sizes:



Still don’t see the 15mm variant

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15mm 44t :pray::pray::pray:

if you have extended trucks