WTB 9mm Motor Pulley

I’m looking for a motor pulley for my current build. Preferably a 16t 9mm pulley but I can’t seem to find one anywhere. Any leads? Thanks!

You’d be better off getting a bigger pulley and bigger belts. Wider belts can handle more torque

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I’m working with caliber trucks and I’m going for dual 6354 motors so I wasn’t sure how much space I would have. I can print some 12mm wheel pulleys instead of the 9mm ones though! I only weigh like 130lbs so I figured 9mm was fine, but if I have space for 12mm I might as well I suppose.

Maybe there are a few steel pulleys available from the Enertion liquidation sale back in the days but I wouldn’t recon using such narrow belts. A small stone that got caught between the pulleys teeth can snap a 9 mm belt in no time …


Are that that uncommon though? I know his store is offline at the moment for holiday but does @dickyho have them usually?

I just checked eBay and he has only 15mm wide pulleys

I’m new to searching these kinds of things up, since there are a lot of numbers and parameters. I’ve tried checking eBay, banggood, hobbyking and whatnot

Will 15mm pulleys work with Caliber II trucks and dual 6355 motors? I was worried there wouldn’t be enough space

Honestly I’d have no idea, you’ll have to search for people on here who have the same setup

Dude here said that 15mm didn’t fit, and by the looks of the photos even 12mm is a super tight squeeze

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Thanks for pulling this up! I did do some searching around but I didn’t see this. Good to know 12mm fits. Maybe I’ll end up doing that :+1:

It fits, but if you’re using a wheel pulley that may be slightly wider, or a motor with a weird shaft length, you might be screwed. One solution to solve this is get wider trucks. I use the Torqueboard 218mm trucks, and I can currently fit dual 6374s, with 15mm belts, and 6in pneumatics


Since I’m printing my wheel pulleys I’m down to experiment with the fit since the cost will be low. Switching the trucks would be an easy solution but I’ll grab the TB trucks for another build down the road. I wanna put these calibers to use for this one.

Any chance this one would work?

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That’s for 15mm belts

Hmm that’s weird. The link shows that and goes there but the one I had pulled up said 9mm width. Odd.

I got the original Raptor 1 setup on original Caliber 2s and with 9 mm belts I got about 10-12 mm space between the cans. So, 12 mm belts would fit but I hardly doubt 15 mm would fit too!?

12mm belt’s alawys fitted 6354 and 6355 with no mods.

And 15mm is possible with e calibers

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You in USA?

Yep! 10char