WTB ABEC pulleys [EU]

So I have been looking for abec pulleys and messaging a couple of guys who sell pulleys on the forum. But to make it fairer and more competitive i thought why not make this thread in which I ask for the pulleys so. I am looking for metal preferably 44T or maybe if no other option 42T (no 40T pulleys) for abec 107 wheels. If you dont have 44T`s I am looking for in order of most preferable 1. 50T 2. 48T 3. 44T pulleys. PETG is most preferred alongside POM. PS every company I know has their pulleys sold out so that’s why I am asking it in a thread to go to the community :slight_smile:

Hopefully I hear from one of you guys soon :smiley: I really want to ride my new board hahah


What about Nylon ? Like those in 42T :

Thanks for the suggestion. But 42T is way too less for me. I need at least 44 but thats when I am already compensating on top speed.

It was for later, the “or maybe if no other option 42T” part :slight_smile:

Ah thanks appreciate it :smiley:. That option was for when I was really hopeless hahah


I’m redesigning the 36T flywheels we have to 44T, I will do a pre-sale soon :slight_smile:


I have 44T pulley

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