WTB Abec11 97mm EU

I have searched like 15 topics now and every place there used to be abec11 97mm 75a/78a is out of stock or doesn’t ship to Europe.

Evolve Europe only has 90mm and Evolve USA doesn’t ship to europe?

Is there any hope finding them?

https://evolveskateboards.fr/collections/les-roues/products/roues-abec11-flywheels-97mm-75a-set-de-4 I got mine from here.

@bigben That looks like the USA evolve site but with half fon french and it says international shipping! Where do you buy and what method did they use for shipping?

It’s a shop called “ride more” on the outskirts of Paris. I popped in and picked them up but they do ship international.

Don’t know if this is any help but my local shop has 97 mm abec 11 flywheels for $42. If you want I’d be glad to buy them and ship to ya.

If that is so you should buy their whole stock and start selling them on here! :grin::grin:

that sounds like clones

Nope not clones. I have a set of the clones. These are the Abec 11s. Packaged and in the display case collecting dust.

I looked through all articles on ride more, didn’t find Abec11 wheels, they had some nice sharkbite wheels though.

Could you take some pictures? I have a hard time believing 42$. 42$ for genuine 97mm Abec11 is a steal, you could help alot of people on the forum and make some money in the process if you are willing to buy and then sell them. Does your local shop have a website or ebay listings?

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They had buckets full of them when I was there. William is the boss, worth sending him an email.

Awesome, how much did you pay for them? I’ll send him a message :slight_smile:


The 97mm were 130€. If you follow the first link to the Evolve France page there should be the price there?

If you buy them in evolve france the shipping is 19€, i think…

Yes, but you bought them from ridemore and I was wondering what you paid for them there. (Did I missunderstand you?)

Yea I saw that… (Still better than shipping from USA + Taxes)

Ride more is the Evolve importer for France. One and the same.

Oh, I get it now. :thumbsup: