WTB Any extra Lipo batteries you dont need?

Hey guys and gals,

After building my board the wife (who thought my first board was a silly idea) now wants me to convert her scooter to be motor powered.

I have a Flipsky Vesc and a Flipsky 6354 190kv motor for the build but my budget for the batteries had to be used on something else (House emergency) so thought i would come to you lovely people!

Im in the Uk and in the need of a couple of Lipo batteries that someone desnt need and might just be willing to help a fellow esk8 rider out. Happy to cover the cost of shipping.

I know its cheeky but its worth an ask. Dont shoot me. I do have a faulty vesc i can swap if that helps lol



You have the wrong category, this should be in Want To Buy

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The battery is the part that you should spend the most money on…


Woops, thanks for that. hit wrong category. Ive moved it

Yea i know but as i said, money was needed elsewhere. Just looking to get her on the move until i can get better ones later one.

… Not a great idea :joy:

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I’d wait until HobbyKing has a sale, you can get a small 10s battery for $40 plus shipping if you’re lucky

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hobbyking has deals right now on batteries, check their bargin bin


Can you use their 10% off mailing subscription code on top their deals as well?

Guessing you don’t want lion


Im open to Lion, what you got?

If you are in Eu go to @Tinp123 he has good prices and good seller

He just made a 12s5p battery for me