WTB any hub motors

Hmu. Anything works. Just please give me good deals. Not in exactly the best financial situation as a high-schooler. I want the whole rear drivetrain. Thanks

What’s your budget ?

To be honest, i dont know. Just let me know your price! I appreciate it bro!

I was selling my build for 700$ Bamboo flex 2 dual 6374’s 2x TB esc 120amps 12s lipos including chargers

How much could i buy your modded gt2b and receuver for?

Not selling that that’s my baby lol , I do have 1 spare enertion remote laying around sell it to u for like 45$

Ahh not interested in the 6374s, thanks tho!

Those things are pretty much the best thing out there for top speed and torque (that’s not huh or carvon )it’s my daily for high school as well in LA , I got a 4wd carvon drive so I no longer need my daily

Yea but i dont think my 10s2p can handle it

I’ve ran 10s on it I get like 7-8 miles 10s is 36v 10s lipos : 7-8 miles 12s lipos 10-11

Ill just stick with hubs

Am not parting out my build sold as a whole it’s actually really low price if u add it up I check the esk8 market daily everyone is caught up on cyber Monday rn

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No thanks. Ill just wait until someone here offers to sell me hubs

Sounds good :thumbsup:

Dude I think there was a guy selling some used hummies on here. I would go that route. I also have some torqueboards hubs in decent shape i might be willing to part with.

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Torqueboard hubs sound great! :wink: whats your price? On a tiny budget so please keep that in mind! I appreciate you offering! @ATLesk8 Just name your price :slight_smile:

This 90mm wheels dual hubs drive kit I have, brand new, 78us + shipping. 24V input, with Hall (without connector), is the cheapest on the market. but easy to get heat and burn, you need to using carefully. So, no warranty for this.

I have 2 brand new Maytech 9055 hubmotors with blue urethane. I’ll sell them for $160. You would then need to order maytech’s truckset. That would cost you $40.

So for $200 you could have a dual hubmotor setup with some decent torque. (for a hubmotor setup)

Are you sure taht you can’t do 10s with them?

these are supposedly pretty ok