WTB BATTERY PACK 12s4p or 10s5p (eu)

Hi ,

Im looking for 10s5p pack or 12s4p with bms included and other extras (plug n play)

@pjotr47 @Acido @rojitor @OskarCastrone @fottaz

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Am i allowed to sneak into this post without flooding the main page? 10s3p -10s5p for me [EU/WTB]

I have 10s5p 30Q pack with Bestech charge/discharge BMS. Bought from Streetwing. Little used. Charge port, on off switch (through the BMS) and battery level indicator. Was used on an Evo 39" build. I’ll be back at home in a week and can take more photos if interested.833171A1-91F6-4356-8B61-C877E4775F7C