WTB Battery pack EU

EU, Scandinavia who makes batterypack on this forum for good price. And knows his stuff. Single stack 10s4p Anyone?

@Acido ? Maybe


Im in Scandinavia too (Norway) and just bought a pack yesterday from Hyperion in the US. If you can wait some time, a shipping company called JetCarrier will ship it by ship from US to scandinavia.

It takes about a month+, but I have had no problem with them the last time I used them for this :slight_smile:

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massive +1 for hyperion 1 and 2 :slight_smile:

Naa the shipping and import tax will kill the deal

Thanks for recommending me, @Chaki im open for business, and I just got a new welder that should not be a bottleneck like the old one was!

You could also maybe combine shipping with @mackann if hes up for it, maybe it comes out cheaper Since I ship a lot of batteries to him :slight_smile:

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@Acido What welder did you get? :smile:

I got kWeld and am assembling it at the moment! Looks very promising to be honest :smiley:


What cells do u use?

I need it before 1April.

I can use what ever you want, its the same for me.

What u got in store and timeline to be delivered?

I do not keep any stock, I make them on order. This will be available in the next few months, did you see the pm?