WTB: Boosted Board V1 used [EU]

Hi people I guess, :smile: Is there someone in the EU how could sell me a used Boosted Board V1 or V1+ for around 400€? :slight_smile:

:laughing: The deck and wheels alone are worth that much. Just check how much a loaded vanguard costs you. Good luck.

The deck is 174 euro and the wheels are 70 euro.

Thats not 400 euro in total, but a Boosted V1 isnt worth more then around that price thats what i was offered for my V1 few months ago but its dead.

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You are missing trucks but whatever. Let me know where you find one…

I was offered one last week for 428 euro (3200DKK), but i found a V2+ for around 930 euro that i just bought.