WTB Bundled parts for first time build

Hey guys how’s it going? I’m Phill and I’m new to this, the pandemic that is🧐. Lol seriously I’ve been doing research on and off for about two years and I am now financially and mentally capable of a build. I have a set of caliber 2 trucks and flywheel clones mounted to my old pro down hill board, she’s seen many of slides and speed she’ll do just fine. What I would love from you lovely people is some help getting a single motor setup with a decent battery. Distance isn’t as important as speed honestly. Any and all advice, parts sales, or just word of encouragement would be welcomed whole heartedly. I’m trying to stay on budget and I believe in upcycling so if you have some left over parts from an older build lets make a deal and build a board! Thanks for everyone’s time !

Sincerely, The chunkypunkyracer (aka phill)

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if your in the USA and want of bit of local support probably look at


Thanks for the links. I’ve actually already looked into some of these. Diy might be where I get my motor mount

For caliber trucks this motor mount is good, its actually my design so i know it works well.

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My favorite cheap stuff is meepo. I suggest finding some used on here or eBay. I have a complete meepo still for sale. I also have a single drive on caliber trucks if you are interested.

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I think I bought this exact mount off of Amazon. My mind set at this point is buy it cheap build it break it and then build it again. It usually works for me because I have to learn about the systems how they go together how they work etc. I imagine making a mistake on cheaper/used parts will make me less like to quit.

This is a good start or maybe look around on the other forum

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WHAT? Brian @b264 is back on old forum? :astonished:

Thanks b264! I messaged him about it. I actually bundle some stuff recently; motor, pulley, controller. Got alot coming in the mail over the next month. Really exciting!

My account somehow got unlocked :slight_smile:

for now…

Yeah I remember you were banned for being one of the most helpful guys here :joy:

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