[WTB][Buy] 2x 10s3p / 10s2p Samsung 30q / 25r

I want to purchase a 2 pack of 10s3p / 10s2p Samsung 30q / 25r, depending on what you guys have available.

I need 2 of the same battery packs, when I use them on my skateboard, I will hook them up using a parallel XT-60 to get a 10s6p, and I will use a series XT-60 to get 20s3p / 72v configuration when I use it with my e-bike.


  1. separate charge/discharge port.
  2. BMS for charge and discharge
  3. size needs to preferably be around the size of a Ownboard/WowGo battery pack, I know a 10s3p will be larger, but similar dimensions are preferred (i.e. I don’t want something crazy long).
  4. Ready to use would be great, with a incl charge port, voltage / percentage indicator.
  5. I don’t know if this is possible but it would be great if the battery could fit in a WowGo battery case that would be great!

If you’re a builder quote me, thanks :slight_smile:

Your not gonna fit a 10s3p in a wowgo case


thank you for the clarification! that is still fine but I’d prefer something similar in dimension. I’m just saying because I’ve seen like those crazy long packs and don’t want one of those lol

Need dimensions but I could probably make both with everything included for 475$ thats with both bmses,charge ports, etc.

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If in eu go to @Tinp123

Amazing seller and really good prices

Also makes enclosure

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