WTB: cheap 10S BMS for charging (and DC input jack?)

A couple parts I’ve been waiting on from China are taking wayyyy longer than usual to get here (they even sent them a second time, which I’m also waiting on).

If worst case these things get lost forever, does anyone have an old 10S BMS lying around they could sell me? Pretty much anything is fine, as I’ll only be using it for charging. Spring is creeping up and I don’t want to wait any longer to start testing!

Also, if anyone happens to have some of these bad boys lying around (female and/or male), it’s another thing I’m waiting on:

Did you order your BMS from Supower or Battery Supports?

Neither. Ordered a cheap Chinese one from Ebay. Just planning on trying things out for charging before getting a serious one.

Just curious, I had a problem when I tried to order one from Battery Supports through eBay. They shipped it and their customs rejected it and sent it back to them. I wound up canceling the purchase

Oh, really? I wonder why. I ordered one before Christmas, and I’ve heard that things get so backlogged that they go to a warehouse in Vancouver before they eventually get sorted and make their way out, and anything after the rush goes right through… but that’s almost three months now :confused:

I ordered another cheapo one in the meantime, but that could still be three weeks or more. I have all the rest of my board sitting, waiting to be built :frowning:

Wow you guys got some bad luck. I live in AZ and ordered a battery support bms though ebay. I had not problems and it took less than a month :confused:

be careful with the sockets they was ok when i was charging 2 amps but when i tryed 6 amps the socket started melting and shorted the pins together.

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Was it a bad soldering job or they not rated for those amps?

Edit: Read the descprition, says it’s rated for 12V/3amps

I have a 45a Lying around here if youd like it

just the amps i didn’t look at the rating when i bought them, i had a feeling that it might have melted but tryed it anyway.

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