[WTB] Cheap belt ESC 10S (EU)

Looking for one of those cheap belt escs with a remote, like this one: http://www.diyeboard.com/v11-dual-belt-motor-sine-wave-foc-esc-speed-controller-p-522.html?zenid=c8b7a4548bde66474974aab51a9d5f26

Needs to be specific for belts and for dual motors.

Im in Denmark EU, so needs to be somewhere around here.

I got a Dual ESC (10S belt) and remote from Dicky. I only bench tested it once when I received it to make sure it works but it was never in a build, and was never ridden. Would be a pretty reluctant sale, as I could use it in a near future build, but willing to sell for relatively close to original price. I can do £50 (about 56 Euro) including 3-5 days postage (From UK) and paypal fees. If you are not in a rush though, you can get it for a few euro cheaper directly from him although postage would take longer.

Hey what version? and remote version?

It is the one listed here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-motors-longboard-skateboard-controller-with-remote-ESC-Substitute/302812941839?hash=item46810ece0f:m:mEjYlp9id5UtRAwhPmlchiw&var=601709105317

I do not have the battery indicator from there, it was not included in the package. It has a power button included, and does not require an antispark switch.

Unsure about any versions. On the PCB of the ESC it says “SZLY-01-2S028-3.1V” and under that “SZLY-20180801”, so the pcb was designed in August 18 and I guess it is version 3.1?

The remote is the same as in this listing, again, no idea what version it is. If you search “dickyho esc” on this forum you will find more information about this specific esc and remote.


Thats unfortunately one of the very old version then before they fixed the PCB splitting.

Im interested in it, but it would have to be a bit cheaper then.

Guess I’ll keep it then. I would only get £41 after postage and fees, and it is not worth it for me to go lower, so I will just keep it for a future build. Good luck with your search.

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If you need one of those older version again in the future for a build more they can be found for what your asking here: https://pwrboards.com/collections/popular-dyi-e-skate-products/products/pwr-controller With shipping from EU.

I have this one here if you are intersted:


I‘m located in germany.

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Sadly a bit to big :frowning:

I have separated them, so that they are side by side. Shouldnt be much bigger than the one you posted :wink:

I dont think it would fit, but if its a decent price i may be willing to take the chance.

How much?

Just double the width, and half the height. Length stays the same. Was looking for 65€

What pcb splitting issue do you speak of? I did some reading on potential pcb splitting issues but which apply to this board?