WTB Drivetrain for Trampa Street board USA

Hello all, I am looking to purchase a 2wd drive-train for my trampa street board with 90mm stickies. I am prepared to spend about $250. PM me if you have a kit. Thanks, Thomas

I paid more than that for just my motors lol

@GrecoMan Maybe there was some confusion. I have my motors already. I need motor mounts, gears and belts.

Might be your lucky day


Edit: Sorry for the Mess Iā€™m cleaning the office

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@JohnnyMeduse Are you getting rid of those?

yes, I send you a pm

Were you looking fot gummies or Stickies 20180602_113843

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@Randyc1 Stickies, I will correct the post. Edit: I already have my wheels though

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For the record, these are not for a street carver so I am still looking.

how much for the mounts

@Rithblu I am taking them.

I have opted to go with a trampa drive train as they seem to make great quality products and they are comparatively priced with the other options on the market.