WTB Drop Down Deck [EU/Ger]

Hey Guys,

i am looking for a drop down deck with no flex. I bought a couple different decks and they all had flex which makes it hard to make a enclosure. I don’t have a preference, just that it has 60cm useable length for electronics and is atleast 22cm wide.

Check @Hummie decks, still in the works the bach 3, they look really nice.

i know them, sadly i am EU and shipping would make it too expensive, also i have NESE modules.

I don’t think shipping will kill the cow, @bigben will have stock in UK, probably I will get one too

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@bigben ships from the UK

ok cool, but still. I have NESE modules. They are too wide or too long to fit into the routet out space

What size are these modules?

22x74x167.1mm (HxWxL) and i have 5 of em

So if you had 2 modules they’d be 148 wide? The next batch should be 150mm wide cutout.

well that does sound good.

@bigben so how much would the current deck cost? i am thinking maybe i can just route the one cm i need for my modules. But the deck is stiff right?

Hi, There are none in stock at the moment. We’re waiting to get some more made. The deck has a little flex. I’m 90kg I think and just enough to dampen vibrations.

i am just thinking about the enclosure not cracking. i weigh 77kg. so i guess stiff for me. But my main concern is that is is not cracking.

I plan on buying my deck from sickboards.nl, shipping is cheap in Europe; maybe you’ll find something you like, they have quite a few things on sale at the moment.

well before i spend 100€+ for a deck i will probably build my own press

still looking

You feel the difference of a self pressed / cheap / and a expensive Deck! If you dont have experience with pressing i would advice to buy a quality Deck.

I love my Maiden but will trash my OKP jed spotato clone…