WTB: Dual Hubs, 90mm, for 10s

I am looking for a set of hub motors (dual) that are 90mm (preferably with at least 22mm of thane) and usable on a 10s system. I thought I had a set coming, but it didn’t work out, now I am under the gun. This is to be a prototype for BSA, my kids working on his Eagle now. They will be used for giveaways. I don’t have a lot to spend on this, I’m out of pocket for the entire thing. If the prototype is accepted it will mean at least 30 boards in 30 days.

If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears :). thanks

*** Before you ask…nothing will do them but that it be hub motors. I’ve tried for weeks to talk them into a single 6374 or dual 6355 on 10s, but its gotta be hubs.

I have two never used Maytech 90mm 60kv hub motors with truck. The hall sensor on one of them seem to be glitchy though. I only got it to work once and I suspect a faulty cable or connector.

They are located in Sweden though, but I’d be happy to research shipping alternatives for you if you’re interested.

I have Carvon V2’s dual with 83mm abec 11 wheels in Belgium :slight_smile:

@rwxr & @XIII How much do you want for them & what is shipping to US 35630? Thanks

Want 400 euro’s + shipping for the carvon V2 duals

too rich for me, thanks though.

Congrats to your kid, one day ill get there.

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I keep on him. He’s a good kid but I mean for him to get that Eagle :slight_smile:.

Yah it takes alot of motivation, work, and dedication from both the kids and parents. Some kid is going to be happy when he wins the board! Good luck.

If I can ever get it built :slight_smile:. thanks

I don’t mean to highjack your thread, however I am also very interested in buying a set of carvon single or dual hubs. I’m located in the US (atlanta ga) but I’m open to international shipping if it’s not outrageous. PM me if you have a set you’re looking to part with. Thanks.