WTB: Enertion R-Spec 6372

Hey all,

I’m looking to buy an enertion r-spec 6372 ‘big boy’ motor for my single drive build. New or lightly used preferred. I was going to buy one directly from enertion when I thought I’d try to post here, and maybe, just maybe, I’d find one that’s already on US soil to avoid paying the AUS shipping costs, since I don’t have much I need to buy from enertion to qualify for free shipping.

Let me know if you guys have anything for sale!

Save your self some money and get a US west warehouse HobbyKing 192kv motor. Not the 190kv

I was just checking those out earlier. The only one I saw in stock was the international warehouse. I’ve never ordered from HK, so I have no idea how long it would take to come from their international warehouse.

what’s wrong with the 190kv?

I think the 190kv is a 6355? 192kv is a 6372 / 6374.

The 190kv is 64mm. (6364)



I am selling mine. Slightly used. 110$ let me know

Darn, I already ordered one a little while back. Would have jumped on the motor if it was for sale when I was looking for one.