WTB Esk8 Remote

Hi i have lots of nice part incomming for my mini Hercules board and i need a nice remote for the board.

I’am not intrested in Ebay/ali/bang remotes i want something nice and in working condision. Something like the firefly remote etc. I live in EU - Sweden.

What u got 4 sale?



Working condision not in Pieces.

Lol. Thats a working firefly remote. Looks like it just needs assembly and $60 dollars seems like a deal

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Why not? Its the same remote where ever you go. Just get https://www.amazon.com/Control-Transmitter-Receiver-Electric-Skateboard/dp/B075KLYVFN And youll be set


I agree … there’s so many problem’s with these fancy new remote I’m doing exactly that…keep it simple…

this is an amazing deal!!

do you have all the components in that bag includeing the capacitors and all the little bits if yes i may be interested

Yes everything is there …have 2 of these one is already built

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Sold pending payment Wednesday

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I got a mini incomming. But i got a 1000€+ board in tha making so i want something sweeet with it. Somting thats feels Good. Becuse thats how i interact with THE board.

But IF its small problems all över THE remote then i can skip it for now. THE mini may be Good bit its big n ugly i dont like THE wheel om it.

Get a puck then…

Or the maytech dial trigger… i love that remote

Keen on the remote still?

Sorry Im going to pass on this one. I did a bit of reading and i feel that the firefly is not completely there yet in regard to being problem free.

i got the feather remote, but he does it in batches. You can always make one, he made the code and pcb’s public.

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Does it work properly?..

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How much do you have to do after you receive it?

if u bought it from him, it’s complete and like any other remote (but so much better). You can take the diy root and make it yourself.

Ok how much are they?