WTB [EU] Koowheel/Kooboard rear truck --> CLOSED

Hello, i am looking for a Koowheel/Kooboard rear truck for dual hubs. I already have the hubs , only need the back truck. PM me if you got some ! Grtz

I have the whole koowheel drive system. rear truck, both hubs and front trucks with 2 97mm wheels

would you be interested in the whole lot? i really don’t fancy selling just the truck and be stuck with the hubs as I don’t use them anymore

how much w are they and how much would you want just for the truck and the hubs

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not thought about it tbh. do you have anything to trade? I also have 2 extra PU sleeves for the hubs btw.

I don’t really need the whole lot. But how much do you ask for the lot?

Hey, I do have that truck. Eu.

Great, how much would you ask for it?

200 euros for everything? front trucks with 97mm wheels backtruck with 2 hub motors + 2 spare sleeves

Sorry, too much for me. Was looking for a truck in the 30-40€ range…