WTB Europe - Bestech 12s BMS and 12s Charger

Hi! Does anyone in Europe have a Bestech 12s BMS and 12s charger?

If not, would somebody be interested in buying a pair of Bestech 12s BMS´s and splitting the cost? I live in Sweden.

I have one in stock https://street-wing.com/product/12s-battery-management-system-bms/

I think I also have a 12S charger, will need to check one the girlfriend declares xmas is officially over :wink:

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Woah 90£? I think I can get 2 BMS´s directly from Bestech for that price.

It’s the VAT killing the price for you, if you are in the EU I have to charge it. Without it’s £75.

Don’t forget you will also pay VAT, customs and a handling fee on top of the factory price.

Well shit, did not think about that… Anyway, 90£ is just too much for me. What other options do I have?

Is bypassing a BMS for charging only a good alternative?

For sure, especially if your pack is capable of more than 80A.

Up to 80A I use the BestTech BMS especially as it has the e-switch so no need for a anti-spark, past that charge only BMS plus a fuse and anti-spark switch(es)

I will be using 4x 3s 8000mAh 30c lipos in series, so my pack will be able to handle about 240A. I´ll read a bit more on bypassing BMS for charging! Just a quick question, how is the fuse implemented in the curcuit?

Bypass for discharge no? (Charge only BMS)

sounds like you really should use a charge only BMS or you will be throttling otherwise available amps.

the fuse goes inline on the positive wire from the battery pack

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Ok, thanks for the help!

Im currently doing a curcuit for the d140 12s BMS with my lipos.

Is the schematic correct?

Based on the schematic @thisguyhere gave me: Bypassed BMS

where can I order the bms like so?

@Silas_Diy sent you message in inbox, I have bestech bms for sale. And I am in EU.

Otherwise, you can order them from bestech website. You have to buy at least two of the same model, shipping is expensive and waiting time is around 3 weeks.