WTB Evolve BGT Battery

Im looking to buy a new or used battery for my evolve bamboo GT.

I have some items that i can trade or part exchange.

Get in contact :slight_smile:

The evolve batteries aren’t very good. Your best option would be to hit up @longhairedboy for a battery mod to upgrade your battery to brand new 10s4p, 30Q cells

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Don’t discard your old one.

That’s right. You need the BMS from your old one in order for your new battery to work

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Yeah just send the whole board, i’ll take care of the old cells. I need the BMS from them to do the mod.

I have about 15 of those packs now, i’ll probably garage sale them. They’re shit cells for eskates but i imagine other things might benefit. For example, Razor scooters or Power Wheels.

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Those would make a cool powerwall or something, or make a trailer you tow behind a skateboard that’s an extra 150Ah for those times when you just have to ride 200 miles

or make a beer cooler with some peltier junctions

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I’m trying to find a bms for this exsact reason. I have the whole board but the all important BMS… anyone have one spare?

You probably have to send it to Evole for them to “fix” it