[WTB] Evolve Carbon Deck Only or Similar

Looking for a Carbon GT or Carbon GTR series deck only. I live in NYC, would prefer local sale but I will consider a shipped item.

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Gen 2 (Carbon AT) or Gen 3 (Carbon GT)?

I have a Gen 2 one I’d sell

I didnt really know the nuances between decks. can you send pics?

Edit: Ehh, not a fan of the kick tail. I’ll update description. thanks for pointing that out.

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GTR is Gen 4 and GT is Gen 3.


These look pretty good… never seen one in person though

According to the specs, Fits 21700 cells…


This must be the EOVAN GTS carbon deck just unbranded. I am considering buying that board as a whole since the specs and reviews seem to be what I’m looking for. However, what Im trying to do is build something on par with the EOVAN with better parts to get better performance.

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yup, that’s correct.

Yes, totally doable!

Get the best motor controller, Battery & Motors you can afford and go for it!

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I think the Unity is my top choice for ESC, although Im not sure which 12S4P battery to use and which motors will give me the best performance with that battery. I was looking at the Flipsky 6386 190kv motors or the 6374 motors (mboards is 180kv and torqueboards is 190kv). Not sure which ones to go with, bigger numbers dont always mean better performance.

7 hour old troll account, won’t be here anymore tomorrow…

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regarding BKB, I wont be surprised if they get a cease and desist order for clearly ripping off the unity, thus the risk of losing support for that product in my opinion is too high


begone troll

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anyone got the goods i want?

It’s not really clear what you want, lol

Brian offered you a carbon GT deck, was that any good ?

Still deciding on motors and no clue about wheels.

But stay clear of TorqueDork. zero support and china garbage. I paid lots of money to get a 6380 TB 170kv in Europe. Sensors don’t even work. Mentioned it on the forum, the guy just laughs his ass off… Same for lots of people with issues with his DD 90kv. Axles come off, not enough loctiite. His website says bolt on kit, he just laughs and says you have to loctite it yourself

My deck is Carbon AT (gen 2)

Carbon GT is gen 3

Carbon GTX is gen 4

after he offered a gen 2 I realized the difference and changed the description, gen 3 or gen 4 Evolve carbon or something similar to those, such as the latest Ownboard AT or that EOVAN carbon deck. Would like to get something used so its cheaper.

I was about to say, it looks like you want to save some $$. So why go with Carbon, let alone the evolve quality…

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I like the design and its what Im looking for. I did say I’m looking for similar alternatives. I just want that type of deck

You could start with a decent wood deck and wrap it

Carbon is nice if you need to carry the board often, but expensive. It’s also stiff and hard on your feet and knees compared to wood

Is there something wrong with all those decks that I mentioned? If theres one thing I dont want to compromise on its the look/ design of those decks. I just like the way look

Personal opinion. In the game since 2016, but I seen a lot of ripped evolve carbons right at the truckholes. So I doubt their quality.

No problem at all. but then you are def in the 300-450 dollar range for a deck. There will always be that one part you need for your build that’s hard to get or expensive.