[WTB] Evolve Carbon Deck Only or Similar

Regarding TB products, too expensive. I wouldnt buy. I just need to find info on what configuration i should choose since Im not informed on this stuff. I figured I’d choose the deck, then battery and so on

Have a deck and wheelbase in mind. then focus on the drivetrain. I would say 6374 190kv is the sweet spot for efficiency and beating the EOVAN Then determine size and duro from the wheels and decide, belt gear or geardrive and gear it for the speed you want

I have a set of TB110’s that I’d like to use for this build but I need to make sure its powerful enough for those wheels. On top of that I’m 200lbs, hopefully I can get that down to 180 by the summer. As far as drivetrain, I live in NYC so if I could make something that get great range (beating the stock eovan) good torque with a top speed around 25 then Im all set

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Doable, but you would need room for that battery. 12s4/5p in that range for 18650’s or 12s3/4p 21700’s 40km on 12s3p (advertised) is a bit exaggerated honestly.

Also having seen NY roads, consider All terrain wheels :smiley:

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I actually ride these roads on 80mm LMAO. My direct drive has 100mm and its a better ride. the 110’s are very nice for the road quality. Boston is worse

It also blocks radio signals, which is extremely important if your life depends on the radio signals propagating into the enclosure, which is the case during electric skateboard operation.

I can’t suggest fiberglass enough, over carbon fiber.

Over and over and over and over and over again, folks suggest carbon fiber — but you really want fiberglass unless you have a wired remote.

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Then allow me to rephrase.

If your wallet allows it, go carbon-fiber, with a fiberglass enclosure/lid ,

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I wonder how the factories that make pure carbon boards like EOVAN or the new Bibuff carbon get their electronics to work. Is the top lid most likely fiberglass?

Edit: so I’ve been told by Bibuff that the battery lid is plastic and fiberglass.

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The Evolve lids are fiberglass as well on the Gen 3+ and the Gen2 lid is carbon fiber, but the radio receiver was in a box inside the tail, covered by plastic and grip tape.