WTB Evolve Carbon GT deck (AU)


I am looking for a secondhand Evolve Carbon GT deck. Doesn’t matter if it has a few scratches, as long as it is structurally sound.

Battery, ESC and trucks not required.


You have amazing boards outthere and you want an Evolve carbon?

I’m looking for a lighter deck to transfer my existing dual drive build to. Looking for a 40ish inch downhill style deck with large wheel cutouts.

I’m brand agnostic, but the CGT seems to be the most readily available option until @Hi5ber releases their integrated offering.

Have you looked at Red Ember Boards (@treenutter) or the Landyachtz Evo? Both are ultra stable and pretty light for 40in +/-.

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Hey mate, fellow Aussie here. Give Hopkin Skate or Concrete Lines a call. Both of the guys there are awesome and will point you in the right direction for something similar that they have in stock. I have the Reign (there will be a heap of options in theis brand for what you are chasing) Flight V2 for one of my boards and it is honestly fantastic (if you have a setup that can handle flex). My other deck is also super light - Earthing Bellycarver (no longer available) but there are similar boards out there.