WTB Evolve GTR upgrade help

After doing a lot of searching here and other sites I can’t seem to find a good parts list to upgrade my evolve Carbon GTR. (Not enough speed after a few months of use). I love the deck and the AT setup but want a lot more speed and torque. Looking for someone to help me upgrade to 6374 190kv motors and realize ill have to change just about everything electronically including the remote. If someone with some expertise and time can supply me with all of the parts I will need im willing to pay for your guidance and consult. Money is not an issue for the parts and I don’t want to create something from scratch, just upgrade the Carbon deck and keep the AT setup which I know can cause some limitations. I know i could eventually piece together all the info from topics around here but between two kids work and school I don’t have the time or energy to continue the search. Willing to pay $30 for you to run down all this info for me and provide me with a parts list. Again I want to keep the carbon deck and evolve trucks/ tires and use 6364 190kv motors. Preferably like to use trampa wand but am open to suggestion. Thanks!