WTB: Firefly/ervinelin Remote [EU]

Hi, So as the title already says I would like to buy a fully assembled Firefly/ ervinelin Remote for my new Build. Preferably within the EU. :smiley: If you got anything just send me a pm :slight_smile:

HI!, I will start sell the first batch of remote in 2-3 weeks. I have already parts, just need to finish my new lab space to be more efficient in assembling. Anyhow I will make a thread about it when is the time. So if you will still need it I can make it. Ciao ciao :smile:


Good to see options. You guys should all have a price war :smirk:

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:joy: well parts + prints + soldering job + assembling + donation to creator do already set almost the price. For who wants to make it by himself, also a kit would be available. I just thought it is worth to do it because I am using it every day since middle June and I really like it.


I don’t know if there’s anybody in the state selling these things but if not I’d be interested in trying one out from ya. You going to do any color options?

I already prepared the text for the post, so you will see there more details. In the US there was @SeeTheBridges that was selling them. He might start again soon. Anyhow no tracked shipping is 10 euro to US from here, so basically the same than within EU. For the color combination what I have at the moment is. For the remote cover: PLA white black liteblue metallic grey PETG black

For thumb wheels and small components I suggest them in PETG or ABS PETG Black

ABS black Orange

This is the combination I choose for mine. IMG_20180711_204214 IMG_20180710_075506 IMG_20180710_075200

I still have to decide whether to put out just few options because print all separate parts will take way longer. Anyhow I am open to buy new filament colors if more people want it :wink:


looks good to me.

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That colour combo is awesome. Matches my imaginary Lamborghini really well.

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ah cool! I did it because I wanted something different and indeed looks cool. I am also thinking of making a rubber version. I didn’t try on this remote, but I did in the past and it works quite well.

It would be great if someone put a mold together for the housing and somehow made it affordable to do/and or just sucked up the cost because they were a boss. Cough Cough @Toughook

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It is not to difficult make a mold, but it for sure increase the price. I am not an expert so I do not know how much it can be in material. Anyhow I used in the past plastidip for some motorbike projects and it works and you can always remove it later on. The only thing I do not know how long it will last in this case being the remote stored inside backpack and pocket. I am afraid it will wear out to fast. Only test can tell it.

Haha someone else had the same idea.

I don’t want to enter a price war at all so will see where rey8801 ends up with his.

I will just be selling shells for the next month, My black ones are Nylon so super strong and everything else is ABS.

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Not looking for it too :laughing: I will make them because I enjoy to do it, that’s it. Not trying to start a business.

I think @Toughook is the expert :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, lets just keep spamming Tony’s name here until he gets sick of us and wastes a whole bunch of his money making firefly housings for us @Toughook

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How much are those? Currently deciding whether this or a gt2b mod …

I still have to put them on sales, but I think that taking all together is gonna be around 105Euro shipped in EU, USA should be the same on maybe 2Euro more due to shipping cost. The gt2b mod will always be more affordable, as far as I know that’s only a case. I can print it for cheap. This remote requires more parts and time for assembling.

My firefly just arrived from @seethebridges but he ran out of time to make them in my requested color so I’m looking for a case in orange and blue preferably nylon for the most durability.

Not sure which thread or post to put this on so I figured here cause you guys are all producing parts of them lol

if only need parts for one remote you can always use 3dhubs. It is more expensive and you can not decide everything but it does the job. Speaking for me I don’t have that colors at the moment. I will do a doodle to decide if most of the people want particular color combination and order new filaments in case.

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