Wtb firefly remote complete or kit

looking for a firefly remote built or a kit. if anyone has an extra kit for sale Please PM me, thanks

Im looking for one already made.
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I can make it. I just don’t want to go shopping. I just might have to. Thanks for the link. If I don’t get anything here I may order parts to make some. I will let you know.

PM @BigBrit

I know he has printed some remotes and is just waiting for a few parts to complete a few remotes.

I have one I got from @SeeTheBridges I will sell you for $65 shipped… or I will trade if you have something cool. It was like $115 or something. I have it siliconed around the perimeter as the screws didnt hold as well as I would have liked. Only like 60 miles on it. Everything works fine including telemetry.15365260608018782694996720158141

Just curious, why are you selling it? PayPal ok?

What are you looking for that’s cool? I have a online store and a lot of STUFF. Www.hyperionsystems.org

Let me know and I will get you Paid.