WTB: Flywheel clones (or a place to get them in europe)

I am in desperate needs for new wheels. Sadly abes are so expensive for me right now. Clones can be found for 25.- but shipping is expensive to europe. So if somone has some to sell or knows a cheap place in europe to buy them from let me know:)

I can’t find the 97mm clones anywhere now! Would love some phatty white ones

@FredSaberhagen - White is nice when not used… They always end up gray for me :cry:

Lol. The last “red” ones I bought looks dirty pink or something too. Oh well - found some on ebay and they are so cheap I’m gonna give it a try.

Weirdly I have been liking the harder durometer of the clones lately. Something about the way you can feel the pavement


I bought 97mm from him before, shipping to EU was reasonable considering the weight, I cant see the shipping now cause im in the US.

For the US there is an american store on Ebay that sells 97 in all colors, fast cheap shipping.

Yeah thats a decent price. 25.- is shipping tough. So then I am only off 35.- from abecs.

You can get them pretty cheap off alibaba/aliexpress

I’ve got orange flywheel clones from the EU group Buy. They are 90mm. Have driven them once. I’m located in Germany so shoot me a pm if you want them :slight_smile: I’d also sell the pulley that I got with them.


I’ve talked to this guy earlier. A set is $20 and he’ll ship 10 sets for $100 if you ask him.

Hmm. Mayby if I find enoguh people intrested but What should i do with 40 wheels :wink:

Also as a student cannot really front the money to sell later etc.

I would be interested to get s set of wheels if they were 97mm, if there’s was a bulk/ group buy.

mayby we could put together a tîny group buy. But I am sure there are a lot of flywheel clones sitting around. I ot a few inboces already.

I would also be interested in kegel and flywheel clones (83mm for now). I have searched if there is a cheap solution from Europe but couldn’t find any reasonable offer shipping to Germany.

Need also to get some calibet truck clones which are good and cheap.

Still searching for a good source shipping for a low fee to Germany.

Greetings Ron

So I would be interested in a groupbuy

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wheel clones sure, but trucks ? do you playn on going remotly fast ? if yes stick with the original.

Thought Clone Trucks are also common …

I would really like to try out a pair of these: https://mbseurope.com/product/mbs-all-terrain-longboard-wheels/

me too. Really curious how they would behave if you go fast and tight around turns. but 100mm is huuge

It is!! I asked them once what they’re discounting for bulk pricing: Hi Roelof Mark, _ _ We only have 9 sets (4 wheels per set) in stock now. However for large orders like below we can add this to our supplier order which will be arriving in March/April. _ _ 10-20 sets 15% discount off RRP _ _ 21-30 sets 25% discount off RRP _ _ 31+ sets – 40% discount off RRP

Meaning 65 pounds with 10 sets 15% discount makes it 55,25 pounds per set

hmm, mayby we nee to start a poll/ grou buy. 10 sets should be easy to get to gether. (europe right ?)

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Could this be extended to international. I’m in New Zealand :smile: