WTB flywheels aluminum pulley EU

Is anyone selling wheel pulleys in EU or maybe you have a spare? :blush:

Looking for 38t, but 40t would probably be fine, and should be calibers compatible. 15 mm

I had a nylon pulley delaminate on me after one ride, so unless that was just a real bad print I’d rather not go 3d printed again…

Why steel? Aluminium would be just fine!

Who said steel? Lol

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@e.board_solutions Didn’t you have plans bringing this to EU? :slight_smile:


Yes I’m working on that :slight_smile:

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@rwxr you don’t have one left? :roll_eyes:

@Kug3lis looks like he might be cooking some up?

Those are gears for our drive train :smiley:

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The thing is I have to order 500pcs at once to get good price, maybe I could do a pre-order for this?


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Yeah you could :slight_smile:

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If you can manage to get motor aluminum motor pulleys in a 11 to 16 range that would be much appreciated!

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Yup i will take some as well

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