WTB Focbox dual heat sink

Ok, with everyone switching over to Unity’s, I’m thinking I might be able to shake loose a dual heatsink for a build I’m dreaming up. Looking for something like this… Thanks! PNG

You do know the same shop makes that for the Unity right?

Yeah, but I’m not lookin for a unity heatsink, just the regular Focbox heatsink in the pic. I know I can get it new, just wanted to see if there was one laying around collecting dust before I get one shipped from the EU🍺

Oh right that would make it my bad, I think you probably could get one off someone upgrading

Good luck

Exactly! :v: That’s how I got Focboxes to begin with

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Bump! Still trying to shake one loose! Thanks!

It’s not exactly the Servisas heatsink but might be relevant.

Oh nice! I think I missed that becuase the heatsink was buried in the middle of the thread… Thank you, friend!

Still one for sale. If you want it send me a message

Uhhhh… I’m in US… why are all the parts I want all the way over in EU? Hahah, pm’d thanks!

I think i got one, hold up…

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ok, got it, it’s one of these:



$35 shipped

[email protected]

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Perfect! Thanks for this and all the other stuff I’ve gotten from your store :beer:

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@mmaner Please close. I’m trying to start a new thread and can’t, could this be the reason why? Thanks!

No, that shouldn’t be the reason. Are you getting an error?

Just user error… PSA: Don’t drink and post, kids…


I need a t-shirt with that on it :grinning: