WTB: FocBox or 2 (aus)

Hi all,

If you have a focbox for sale, or 2, PM me.


Bit more info

Where, how much, etc…

Live in Australia, i dont know how much, you tell me how much you are selling it for.

I don’t have one

But info you want to sell yours then people want more info

You see that little magnifying glass @ the top right? Use it. Search “focbox for sale” and be amazed.


No worries, if you can find me one (not already sold) i will check it out.

I have already searched before doing this.

It says wtb and now it also says aus in the title.


Also would a unity be helpful

PM me if you have one.

I am getting one later this month

Would only sell for a really good price name yours and I will consider it

Getting pretty rare nowadays mate. Sad day when they discontinued the focbox. Easily the most reliable esc I have used. There are a few good options available though. What are you planning on using them for?


For a powerful 6374/84 dual motor build, I have a raptor 2 at the moment, using dual focboxes.

They are very reliable as you said, which is why i am looking for them.

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I have one not used (benchtop vesc for testing communication with hardware (uart)) make an offer

Would you recommend any alternatives, which have the same customization as them?

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Unity if you’re not in a hurry and the flipsky fsesc dual is a good unit too. All vesc derivatives are fully programmable via vesc tool. What size battery are you planning on going with?

Would use 10S first, but 12 S for sure in the future.

The flipsky looks good mate, have you used it? heard of any issues with it?

I will do a search on it, just want your personal experiences also, thanks

Good pal has had the fsesc 6.6 and done at least 6k on them with some very hard riding. I have used focboxes (have 8 on various stuff) Hk 4.12, maytech 4.12, and Torqueboards. Best value for money and availability are the HK ones. Cheap as chips and run 10s just fine. I have run them on 12s and they worked a treat but I only ran them for a couple of weeks so no long term testing. Others have though with no issues. I couldn’t see any performance differences with the focboxes either. Think they run at 120 bucks and you get them within a week from the aus warehouse. I only got a set because I managed to fry my can bus chips on the focboxes. Never bothered swapping them back out when I got replacements. Still going strong after 8 months or so.

Try the FS 4.12 also cheap

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This is the one you mean mate?

It says they are rated for 12 S, will also research about the other ones you mentioned.

Much appreciate the knowledge.

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Thats the one. It does run 12s fine. One thing to consider too is the returns policy with HK. It is the absolute best. I killed one vesc by reversing the battery polarity (don’t ask lol) and they swapped it no questions asked. Killed 2 of their motors too and again replaced no questions and no send back bullshit. Thats a big plus for me because I do have a tendency to blow shit up. My 4,12’s are in my test rig now as are sk8 motors with no problems.


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