WTB/GWTB: TorqueBoards 218mm trucks [EU]

Still looking for TB 218mm trucks, but it seems no one really has even one left.

Since i live in germany i would pay about 40$ just for shipping, which is 3/4 of the trucks.

Maybe someone here can set up a groupbuy, we need about 10 people to buy the trucks, with VAT return we would be around 400$ which is enough for free shipping. I would do it, but i cant b/c of trust level…

they wont ship 5 trucks for free i tried they will ask for 40$ even thought they said they cant ship 10 because its too heavy but they can ship 5"for sure"… well i went ahead and ordered and guess what, they refused and asked 40$

With shipping across europe(around 15$) it just wont make sense waiting a month than just paying 15-20$ more to get it here

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I would rather buy Evolves now after the shitty experience from them for 5 times the money, also i readed somewhere that the trucks are kinda LQ but do not know how true is that since I never used them

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so likely i will need new motor mounts, if i am using Caliber right now?

The diameter is 1mm larger and I can send you a set this Sunday. I ordered some.

get new or try to file those down 1mm difference

well that is absolutely no problem… as long the form is the same

That’s not true. I own a pair and they are really high quality. Better than most. Off course if you hit a sidewalk shoulder with them dents and even breaks may occur as with any other truck. As for the price, I bought each Evolve Super Carve truck for $85 dollars each ($ 170 the pair). I just bought a pair of TB 218 mm for $65 the pair. On top of this, I bought (1) Caliber clamp (because there is no dedicated clamp for the TB 218) which cost $32 bucks, for the TB Reversed Mount. So if you consider that the Evolve Super Carve truck already comes with incorporarated clamps (2), this means that two Torqueboard truck equivalent with their corresponding Caliber clamps will cost $65 + $32 + $32 = $129 dollars !! That’s hardly ‘5 times the cost’ of a pair of Evolve SC. :sunglasses:

I just read that somewhere, i also said i never used them I do not like TB way of businesses and i wont buy their parts no matter the price By “5 times the cost” i was thinking of i would rather pay 5 times the TBs cost to buy the other brand than to use TB

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I know nothing about TB quality. I’ll test them when they arrive. One thing I noticed was the shipment price, they charge me with $10 dollars for the whole package, trucks, clamps and mount, from Texas to California, which is not particularly that far. So I can imagine your frustration for the $40 shipment charge to EU.

Yeah, @acido situation is way different. It costs $120 to ship to acido location. There’s just no way I’d pay that for a $300 order which is why he’d have to chip in to get them shipped to him. If not, we can’t do it.

what about the “Free shipping” - thing, how about EU?

If we order enough will they be VAT free and free shipping?

i would try evolve trucks but since i have to mount my motors to the rear they wont fit my board.

No, you will not qualify for free shipping if all you order is 218mm Trucks.

And why is that so? what qualifies me to get free shipping?

even the terms of service DO NOT mention anything about it, this is kinda weird

Oversized item and expensive shipping costs.

Free shipping is meant to help people not to allow for abuse.

I do not care for the 40$, im mad about that first line of the page 300$+ orders free worldwide shipping and because i asked if its ok to ship 10 and they said no but 5 is totaly doable then i ordered and they said that they wont.

I would recommend you weighing all the items you sell so you can calculate the price for shipping correctly before the users order


then you should actualize your terms of service, because this a bit like deceit. You should add something like: " not for XY or whatelse", like this it is not FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING.

what kind of help is this to people? how is this abusive? people come together and buy 10+ trucks they’re helping each other…

@Acidfie Sure, I’ll update the terms.