WTB Hummie deck w/ Bigben enclosure

Looking for a hummie deck with bigben enclosure (the smooth rounded single stack) … I’m located in Dana point California. Let me know if you’ve got a set! Cheers guys! -Don

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you know im doing a group buy for both?

Hey there @Hummie - last I saw, there were only 10 of 50 orders in our so, yeah? I was just putting out feelers for a used set because I know how mysteriously long the group buy can take sometimes. What is the actual total if I’d like to join the group buy and have the inserts drilled and everything? (I was a little confused by the +40…) And just to clarify, I pay via paypal in full now and wait for the group to get to 50 orders before they’re even made, and then shipped by order of payment?)

The $195 is for deck and enclosure shipped …with additional $40 for inserts installed totalling $235?

There’s a price there for USA and elsewhere. As u did the math yes. Not sure on how many orders but was 12 last I saw

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Does the group buy have to hit 50? It is taking longer than I thought it would to reach that. Or will you start the manufacturing after some time?

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Depending on what money I have it could be sooner

This is the best deck deal u will find

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Oh yea I agree completely. I really really want one but the wait is just so longgg. I’ll participate in the group buy tho for sure.


It’s a classic eboard being so long and stable. Great for going fast.

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