[WTB in USA] JST-PH plug (UART) + wires for VESC Bluetooth Module

WANT: 7-pin JST-PH plug with 4 pre-crimped wires

COST: Will pay for shipping plus a few $$ for your time

Looking for a 7-pin (or 6-pin) JSH-PH plug for connecting a Bluetooth module to the VESC’s UART port. I don’t have the proper crimping tools at the moment, so I was hoping to find one with wires pre-connected to the RX, TX, VCC, and GND pins

Note: JST-PH is NOT the same as the 6S balance connector on your lipos (that is JST-XH, which is larger than PH). I already made this mistake; hence why I need a connector :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you can get it from digikey, flat rate on shipping and you’ll get it next day (8 bucks a believe) (sorry flat rate is only to canada)



Thanks! I actually already searched Digikey and other sources. But paying that much for a 15¢ connector ruins the point of making it yourself. They want $7.40 for shipping, which is many times more than the cost of the product. At that point it would have been better to buy a pre-made VESC BT module

I’ve got a spare I can send. Ships from Canada if you want it.

Shoot me a PM.

I have some spares if you need one. Ships from California.

Shoot me a PM if you like!

Do you still have spares? I am making mine and only just realized the jst balance connector is not the same as the vesc!

I’ve got plenty, pm me an address and I’ll mail it Tuesday when I get back to town.