WTB: Infinity Trucks, Trampa wheels, Motor Mount [EU]

Hi, So as the title already says I would like to buy 2 Trampa Infinity Trucks and Wheels. I would also need a Infinity Motor Mount :smile: If you got anything just send me a pm :slight_smile: Cheers, Michael


I’ve got mini hangers if you want, and can someone tell me why I just realized your picture isn’t a duck :joy:

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How much? :slight_smile:

My bad. Im kinda good at the brain washing thing

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Mind controlling me from all the concentrates :dizzy_face:


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Come on anybody :slight_smile:

What’s your budget

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No surfrodz. :joy: New the cost around 80€ so I was thinking about 50€ or less per Truck :slight_smile: Got anything @moon? :slight_smile:

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I’ve got nothing unfortunately.

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Anybody… :frowning: :joy:

Got 4 white Hypa hubs here, was gonna put them up for sale but haven’t gotten round to it. In based in the UK. Hit me with an offer.

20181124_184752 20180816_184357

No tyres tubes or bearings, just the rims


Come onnnnn anybody :slight_smile:

Dude I posted above I have Hypa hubs?


Sorry didn’t quite catch that. After a bit more research I decided that I would like to buy a wheels set. Thank you anyway? :slight_smile:

Bu bu bump… somebody please sell me his junk :joy:

how much did you want for these?

Didn’t ever consider a price, shoot one at me and let’s see

Edit - Let’s make this a bit easier these are £50 for a set new, so say £25 plus post?