WTB Meepo/Wowgo/Cheap 10s2p battery

Anyone have one of these laying around? My friend crashed my cheap board into the curb playing with the remote and now it just shows a voltage of 20.4 and won’t charge.

@joeadams101 has the Sanyo for 200

Honestly don’t wanna put that kind of money into this board it’s just a cheap scoot around board. Looking for the cheap standard pack


I know it sounds like a silly response but you should check reddit, they love buying and selling second hand packs there :slight_smile:


Not finding anything really. I’m terrible at searching on Reddit though :rofl:


Currently, this guy is shipping a battery from… lithuania? Lol. Probably too far away

Only 120 euro though :arrow_up:

The monthly trade sticky is a great place to look, as everyone who is trying to buy or sell just gets redirected there anyways. I looked through the April and March threads and couldnt find anything better :frowning:

Maybe if you put a request up, someone will respond to you there :+1:

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Or buy 2 cheap 5S lipo packs and use your old bms?

Do they fit in the same enclosure?

These will both fit. Meepo/wowgo/ownboard won’t pull more than 20A so this Lipo won’t have problems.

Maybe you can find even cheaper packs! Like this one:

But you’re not from EU I guess?

This battery is for global shipping:

That’s only like 70€ for a 10S 5Ah battery

Took the broken pack apart to check what’s wrong. This doesn’t look good. Any insight into what could have happened here


When I check the the pack with the multimeter I’m getting 37.8v total but when I just check the xt60 I’m getting 20.7v

Can you measure the seperate cell voltages? I think that has something to do with your bms. Have you tried to charge the pack?

Every p group measures 4.1v

Hmm and the total voltage is only 37.8V… should be 41V

Correct :confused: a bit confusing

You see any loose/snapped nickel strips maybe?

I did not look down the middle of the pack. This is after an impact, so that’s likely what happened here. For $130 I might as well just buy a new pack :confused:

You can also bypass the bms, so you won’t discharge through the bms.

You can buy a new one, but I’m sure you can fix this pack :wink:

But even without the BMS just measuring end to end on the nickel strip I only get 37v

That’s really so strange, if every cell was 3.7V that was logic but you’re sure they all are 4.1V?

The only way to come after this issue is to disasamble the battery a bit more and check some voltages on some points to find the problem.