WTB Mini Remote

Hey all,

I’m looking for a mini remote (not the Winning one, the trigger controlled one). Brand new or used is fine, as long as it works. The binding key included would also be nice for one of those just in case moments :slight_smile:

Let me know if anyone has a spare laying around that they’d like to sell for not an arm and a leg!

If you are in Europe, @JLabs sells them for 30€. https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/product/2-4ghz-mini-remote-receiver/

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Not in EU, but it looks like the US equivalent of the market has them for sale for $30 as well. Awesome. Thanks for the notice! I’ll probably just buy one from there unless someone else has one here that they could beat in price. Not really in for a bidding war here though.

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Isn’t @JLabs US based?

Yes, i trew somethin ove because i associated polar with his uk based agent @ajaynagra. Sorry for that

Thank you for the referral! @flatsp0t You can find the mini remote on the US website here: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/2-4ghz-mini-remote-receiver/

Awesome. Going to go and place an order sometime today. No coupons floating around are there? :wink:

You cant beat the price all ready…

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You really can’t. But it never hurts to ask, right?

Haha yeah, I get where your coming from…

$30 is a very low price for new. For some time there was only one source for the mini remote and it was $60. I doubt you’ll find one cheaper unless its beat up.

I paid $70 for mine :frowning:

Placed an order just now. Stoked to finally have a non-constant cutting out remote (nunchuck).

Thanks @flatsp0t for the mention of the marketplace and @JLabs for hosting it!