Wtb Motor for a dual build (EUROPE)

Hey guys im keep looking for a while for some motors to add to my next dual motor setup with focbox, probably running on Foc mode.

First of all what would be the best choice for a motor in terms of KV. From what i read in foc mode i will need a lower kv ? How low should it be? @Jinra maybe can you give me your advice ? I was looking at -> 6355 190KV from torqueboard but it costs me 40$ the shipping… + ~40$ customs probably… so is not a good deal :frowning: sadly

What is a good place where to buy some reliable motors in Europe. (i saw in us are a lot… but the customs are killing me)

Im planning to use a 10s setup.

Thank you.

I’ve used a pair of these and they have been really good so far. Don’t be fooled by the size. They push my 93kg really well. I use wide trucks from evolve. Not sure if they would fit on regular trucks, you may have to go dual diagonal on calibers.

They are small indeed hmm i will think about it. not sure if i trust sites like ebay/alibaba etc for my builds.

The motors are the same size and form as the motors Evolve and Chaka use. Made by a similar factory perhaps? They push me up all the hills in my area and get me close to 30mph with 97mm wheels. (After that the double kingpin trucks are a bit random…)

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@fottaz has a webshop @ www.eskating.eu with some motor options.

http://eskating.eu/product/electric-skateboard-sealed-motor-6354-190kv-sealed-sensored/ could be a option depending on your setup.

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Thanks mate, yep! I currently have just the last 2 x 6354 190kv with logo and 1 x 6354 190kv without logo, sealed and sensored I’m going to re-stock in about 15 days

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