WTB: motor/mounts/hardware/etc

We’re guys, trying to help a friend out!

We’re making him his first basic electric longboard and he needs parts! The plan is a single wheel belt drive for campus cruising…maybe 25mph top speed? Located in US (Delaware)

What we bought:

  • 36" oak longboard deck (no drop and slight curve) w/ grip tape
  • 20x EBL 18650 3000mah (we think 10A cont. only 2500mah) [will do 10s2p]
  • 2x Caliber II trucks (45*)
  • 4x Orangantang 80mm 80a Kegel core wheels
  • 1x TB ESC 4.12 (broken and repaired)

What we need:

  • 1x motor (700W ish?)
  • 1x motor mount (for Calibers)
  • 1x motor pulley
  • 1x wheel pulley (Kegel core)
  • 1x belt
  • 1x enclosure (20’x9’?)
  • 1x remote w/ receiver
  • 1x 10s BMS
  • 1x 42V 2-4A charger

Preferably HDT M5 for the belt and hardware

@Indiangummy has a 36t pully for like $15. @Boardnamics can get you amount with belt for around $25 i think.


Enclosure and remote you can get from @psychotiller

Bms, motor and pulleys you can get them from @JLabs if he has them in stock and he is only in PA. Motor is more than what you lost but it is a 6374 which will work well for a single drive. You will want a 36v charger as that is 10s. Luna cycle sells a 36v 42v nominal and can charge 1amp-5amps

Probably should’ve said…we’re not looking to make a top notch board…much lower quality than what psychotiller has

You could probably make an enclosure if you wanted to


We we’re thinking that, we have a vacuum former on campus

R u looking for sensored or sensorless motor? I have a used 6374 turnigy 149kv sensorless if interested in it pm me

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Got a pulley, belts and a mini remote man… just Give me a message if u need it.

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